I went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA, studied theatre in college, etc. Something about your style of teaching works for me more than anyone I have taken classes from.



Thanks, Lar! We love your advice!! She got two callbacks after your private coaching for an ABC series! We have learned more from you in an hour than we did in an entire series of classes elsewhere! Immediately, you made me feel at ease with my decision to let you coach Melissa.


Hi Lar,
​Thank you so much for everything! He called me yesterday after speaking with you. He was incredibly excited and motivated. I know he looks forward to your opinion and critique. I’m afraid he met up with some real scammers in the LA area.

Thanks again, Lar.


Thanks, Lar, so much for helping my daughter. I explained to her that you were only trying to better her as a young lady. She’s certainly excited about learning and making improvements to better herself. As a mother, I’m grateful that I met another sincere mother, actress, role model, coach and a Christian lady that leads by example. You have been a blessing to both of us in such a short period of time!

Christie H.

​Thanks for being a great coach! That’s why I chose a coach who has BEEN through this business! It’s more than classwork that you bring to the table!

Shawn A.

​Hey Lar!
​My trip to LA went amazing! I had my first LA audition for a SAG film and booked it! Thank you so much for being a great coach! You are not only a great coach but a great friend! I really don’t think I would have been able to make these steps so quickly if I hadn’t met you!


I owe you the biggest Thank You. This business is extremely hard and very emotionally draining. I can’t express to you enough, just how encouraging your note was. I have never received such uplifting feedback before. Thank you again for instilling faith in me and giving me the chance to shine!

M. Johnson


I began the homework you gave me. I definitely want to kick start my acting career again. I must say, a large part of why I want to work with you on an ongoing basis – besides the results that your students are getting – is that you genuinely seem to care about me and your other actors and our success. I really appreciate that, Lar. That says a lot about you as a person.



Thank you very much for the information. Shelby LOVED your class last night. I was so impressed with her tape. You did so much more with her in an hour and a half than the three classes at [another studio]. We will be continuing all her classes through you. We can’t wait to see you again.



Hi Lar,
​I listened to your American Family podcast on your book site and found it quite valuable and I walked away saying, “I really like her and what she stands for”. I have a “great” sense of urgency to train with you. I will continue coming in on weekends to continue to study with you!

JB (Oklahoma)

I wanted to thank you for a really AWESOME class! You provided some answers that I have been searching for but have not been able to receive from anyone else. Your knowledge and experience are quite obviously extensive and you know how to teach and coach, as well. You have re-instilled hope in my journey!